We are the Community Media Crew we work with people who have mixed abilities, including Downs Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers.  We run an alternative Day Centre, providing media activities to help improve people's communication and confidence skills. Our other website is www.communitymediacrew.com

We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery for funding this WW2 Project.

THE SECOND WORLD WAR: THE ORAL & FILMED HISTORIES OF LIFE IN WYTHENSHAWE DURING WARTIME.  Memories from people who experienced life during World War 2.

We produce Short Films, Audio Recordings and dramatisations featuring people with mixed abilities who are working with elderly people in the community - capturing their memories.  These films will be archived for the whole world to see.


DVD's and CD's circulated to local schools and community buildings to share the heritage.

Marlene Otentunde
Born in Germany lives in Wythenshawe
Marjorie Smith
Wanted to stay with Foster Parents in WW2
Fred Camm
Remembers damage caused by Luftwaffe
Lilian Loftus
Wrote about her memories of WW2

Project co-ordinators visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland (not with Lottery Funds) Stephanie Bishop and John McCormack


Charlie Gooding has been a Community Media Crew member since we started and he is a talented Actor too, he is the Lead Actor in 'Charlie's Plan' Feature Film link to trailer here 'CHARLIE'S PLAN' 

  He has fond memories of his Grandad, who was recorded by the BBC and the archive is with the London Imperial War Museum in an Oral History event, about his memories  

CLICK this link to hear John Henry Marsh (Charlie's Grandad)in depth interviews. Courtesy of Imperial War Museums.

Community Media Crew community interest company, not for profit.  Registration number 9658632

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